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Ad Click Xpress, no that’s not a typo, the platform drops the “E” from the word Express in their name, is certainly an interesting program worthy of a deep dive review.

The Ad Click Xpress platform is an evolution of a much older platform that went by a number of names. Once upon a time Ad Click Xpress was known as JBP, Just Been Paid and also JSS Tripler. Way back when the JSS platform appeared to be an outright Ponzi scheme whereby members investment returns were paid out from the new money coming in via new members that had been referred to the platform. There was even a guy called Frederick Mann who was the alleged founder, creator and owner of the JSS platforms that was so confident he had created some amazing and legitimate investment platform that he dared anyone to prove him wrong, if someone did he was willing to pay them a million dollars!

Wow! Well doesn’t that just instill no end of confidence in you for Ad Click Xpress?


Fair enough, but let me explain a little how this platform has evolved into something with real potential.

Now don’t get me wrong, I am no forensic accountant and cannot claim with certainty that the new and evolved Ad Click Xpress is legitimate, however I can provide an accurate review of the Ad Click Xpress platform as it exists today.

How It Works

The concept behind Ad Click Xpress is relatively simply and this is how it works:

  1. You register an account with Ad Click Xpress for free;
  2. You purchase any number of Ad Packs that you wish at a cost of $10 USD each;
  3. Each Ad Pack you purchase gives you advertising credits with which you can advertise almost anything you like on the platform to other online marketers;
  4. Each Ad Pack will PAY YOU 1% per day on week days and 0.5% on weekends for the first FOREVER;
  5. To earn the profits detailed in step 4 you must click on a very small amount of ads each day (usually 3 – 4 ads) and view the ad for 10 seconds. This is how your ads are also guaranteed to be seen by others;
  6. You Withdraw X amount of your Ad Pack profits whenever you like and you reinvest X amount of your Ad Pack profits whenever you like in to additional Ad Packs in order to grow your daily income;
  7. That’s it. Grow your income and enjoy your profits.

Now on face value this looks entirely like a Ponzi scheme right?

Well, maybe it is? One aspect I don’t like about Ad Click Xpress is that the platform does not provide any evidence as to how they are able to pay their members profits on the Ad Packs that have been purchased. So this is what they claim and this is what I know:

Ad Click Xpress claims that they use the money invested in Ad Packs to trade crypto currencies such as bitcoin and that they have a very skilled and successful team of traders that generate large profits that enable payouts to be made to members.

I know that I have been paid a lot more profit than anything I have spent purchasing Ad Packs.

What I Like About Ad Click Xpress

  • It’s easy, I buy Ad Packs, use the advertising, click a few ads a day, earn my profits and then reinvest some and withdraw some;
  • The advertising produces results and earns me money from my other affiliate promotions;
  • I get paid every day and often withdraw about $100 a week based on what I have been able to afford to invest and my reinvestment plan;
  • I am paid additional profits as a percentage of anything my referral spends to purchase their own Ad Packs.

What I Don’t Like About Ad Click Xpress

  • Lack of transparency – there is zero evidence provided that the income is indeed coming from cryptocurrency trading;
  • RESETS – these suck! Every few months Ad Click Xpress claims to have had a bad run of trading and to ensure the longevity of the program they reduce the amount older Ad Packs (those I have already purchased) pay me daily but continue to keep the profits for any new Ad Packs I purchase at the same rate.

In Conclusion

I was very skeptical of Ad Click Xpress for a very long time due to the seemingly lack of transparency. But it is certainly possibly for profits to be generated through cryptocurrency trading and they also offer an actual product which is the advertising I can use to promote anything else I want.

I am also making money every single day and withdrawing profits most weeks. The resets come around every few months and set me back but I generally use that time just after a restart to reinvest knowing I should have another few months at least before the next reset to take good profits.

In conclusion I am comfortable in recommending Ad Click Xpress but I also encourage anyone considering joining to do their own due diligence and assess their level of comfortable risk.

Payment Proofs

Evidence of actual payment from this platform in to my red hot little hands will be posted here for all to see and will be added every time I withdraw successfully.

If you successfully receive a payout from Ad Click Xpress I encourage you to share your payment proof or simply tell us all you have been paid in the comments section below.

Payment Proof 25th January 2019:

Nate Scifleet

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