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It almost seems redundant writing this review as Crypto 300 Club as a platform is almost identical to Ad Click Xpress which I have previously reviewed, check out that review here. But it is an individual platform in its own right and there are some differences so I have decided that Crypto 300 club deserves its own review.

Crypto 300 Club works almost exactly like Ad Click Xpress except that they sell Crypto Packs as opposed to Ad Packs. this means that instead of receiving advertising credits with your purchase you receive a Crypto Pack which entitles you to earn profits on each Crypto Pack that you own without the requirement of clicking ads in order to earn.

Crypto 300 Club is a ‘sister’ site of Ad Click Xpress.

How It Works

  1. You register with Crypto 300 Club for free;
  2. You purchase any number of Crypto Packs that you wish at a cost of $10 USD each;
  3. Each Crypto Pack will PAY YOU 2% per day on week days and 1% on weekends for the first 60 days. After 60 days your Crypto Packs will continue to PAY YOU 1% on weekdays and 0.5% on weekends FOREVER;
  4. To earn the profits detailed in step 3 you simply log in to your Crypto Club 300 account daily and click one button, no ads to view;
  5. You Withdraw X amount of your Crypto Pack profits whenever you like and you reinvest X amount of your Crypto Pack profits whenever you like in to additional Crypto Packs in order to grow your daily income;
  6. That’s it. Grow your income and enjoy your profits.

What I Like About Crypto 300 Club

  • Easy to use;
  • No clicking ads to earn;
  • Reinvest to grow daily income;
  • Almost completely passive income;

What I Don’t Like About Crypto 300 Club

  • RESETS!!! Yes Crypto 300 Club will reset your account every couple of months. The admin of the platform will reset your account so that you keep your existing Crypto Packs but they pay less than they should. All new Packs purchased will pay the normal amount but your old packs will not. The admin claim this happens when they have a run of bad trading and can no longer meet withdrawal requests with trading profits. This seems to happen every 3-4 months.

In Conclusion

Crypto 300 Club has a good return on investment offered to those who purchase Crypto Packs and there is real potential to build from a small initial purchase up to significant daily earnings.

The platform is almost an exact copy of Ad Click Xpress with the only differences being that you do not need to click on ads each day as well as a few minor cosmetic differences. Allegedly the platform is run by different admin to Ad Click Xpress also.

I am using Crypto 300 Club however I am careful to ensure I take profit before reinvesting and anyone joining should do their own due diligence and risk assessment before taking part. Done right, there is real potential with Crypto 300 Club.

Payment Proofs

Evidence of actual payment from this platform in to my red hot little hands will be posted here for all to see and will be added every time I withdraw successfully.

If you successfully receive a payout from Crypto 300 Club
I encourage you to share your payment proof or simply tell us all you have been paid in the comments section below.

Note: I have not withdrawn from this platform as of writing on the 2nd Feb 2019.

Nate Scifleet

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