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Have you ever thought about getting involved in bitcoin but didn’t know where to start?

Well, FREEBITCO.IN just might be the perfect place to start. Sure it won’t teach you any of the technical workings of bitcoin or any other cryptocurrencies, that will take a lot of googling and a lot of research on your part. But what this free bitcoin platform will do is provide you with an easy method of obtaining small amounts of bitcoin for free without any effort or investment on your part.

How Does It Work?

FREEBITCO.IN has to be one of the simplest platforms online when it comes to bitcoin. I have prepared a short video below which runs through exactly how simple and easy to use this platform really is:

How easy is that? Just click a button once every hour, or whenever you feel like it and be credited with real and tangible bitcoin for free.

What I Like About FREEBITCO.IN

  • Simplicity and ease of use;
  • 100% free bitcoin;
  • Unlike some bitcoin faucets, is not full of flashy and spammy ads;
  • As an online marketer I am online all day every day working on various projects so it just makes sense to have this platform sitting open gaining me some free bitcoin every hour – why not?

What I Don’t Like About FREEBITCO.IN

  • Payments are rarely significant – but hey, it’s free!
  • There is a temptation to gamble any free bitcoin you receive before withdrawing from the platform – stay strong and don’t gamble!

In Conclusion

In my view it is a no brainer!

Why wouldn’t you accept free bitcoin? It is literally free money for doing nothing.

Payment Proofs

Evidence of actual payment from this platform in to my red hot little hands will be posted here for all to see and will be added every time I withdraw successfully.

If you successfully receive a payout from FREEBITCO.IN I encourage you to share your payment proof or simply tell us all you have been paid in the comments section below.

Payment Proof 1st Feb 2019:

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