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Hyper Growth FX or HGFX for short is an online platform that has evolved over the last 5 or 6 months in to the capable system that it is today. The HGFX platform is a marketing suite and member back office that is completely free to join and be a member of.

Having said that, you cannot make money with HGFX without spending money!

HGFX is a member portal to what is essentially a copy trader system where HGFX employs a number of foreign exchange traders who trade daily on the foreign exchange market from within an independent trading platform.

Members of HGFX have the ability to set up their own trading account which is then linked to the HGFX trading accounts of which there are currently 2, both with very different trading styles.

Your personal trading account can be funded with as little or as much as you would like and as the HGFX trader makes their trades your linked account will automatically make the same trade based on what your account can afford. For example, if the HGFX account had 100k and made a trade risking 1% of that the HGFX account would be risking 1k. Now let’s say your trading account only has 1k in it, your account will make the exact same trade at the exact same time with the exact same risk of 1% and therefore your account will only risk $10.

HGFX also has some strict rules in place for it’s traders to ensure that no accounts can be wiped out with a bad trade or even a bad run of trades.

The HGFX platform is extremely information with recorded webinars dating back to when the platform launched as well as a wealth of other training and content to ensure you know exactly how everything works. A crucial aspect to this platform is that your money is always controlled by YOU. The platform and their traders never touch it. Basically, you are just copying their trades without having to sit watching every move they make, it’s all automatic until or unless you choose to stop your account from making any trades. You can deposit or withdraw money from your trading account any time you like.

The HGFX system is also very clear about their short and long term goals and I can tell you without a doubt that their goals align perfectly with my own!

Their short term goal is to have their accounts (and therefore ours) making 12% profit every month.

This profit can be withdrawn or compounded toward their long term goal.

Their long term goal is to use the power of compounding to make every member a multi millionaire within 3-5 years.

I’ll take it!

Their math for achieving the long term goal in 3-5 years is based off a starting deposit of 10k for the 3 year goal. I couldn’t afford that so I started with $270. Yep, 270 bucks! Plenty to get me started as it is an amount I can afford to lose but enough that I can start to see the power of compounding come in to play over time without the need to pull out any profits too soon.

How It Works

I have already taken a quick look at how HGFX works in the overview however I would like to take a bit of a deeper dive in to how the platform functions and how it can produce a potentially significant income for those who join.

There are two components to HGFX:

  1. FX Trading
  2. Marketing

It is your choice whether you would like to take part in 1 or the other or both.

Let’s take a look at how both work individually:


This aspect of HGFX is 100% hands free set it and forget it income.

Here is how it works:

  • Join the HGFX portal as a free member;
  • Soak up all the content within the free portal – all the old and new webinars outlining their systems and plans and processes;
  • Set up your Foreign Exchange trading account with the recommended trading platforms;
  • Fund YOUR trading account (not the HGFX platform or their trading account but yours) with whatever capital you would like to risk/ trade;
  • Link your personal trading account to the HGFX master account or accounts. There are currently 2 to choose from and you can read up on how they trade and past performance before making a decision;
  • Watch…. Wait… Withdraw and Compound your earnings….
  • It is actually far less complicated than it may sound too, even someone who has never traded FX previously can follow the very clear and informative instructions provided within the HGFX member portal.


This aspect of HGFX doesn’t require you to risk any of your own money.

Here is how it works:

  • Join the HGFX portal as a free member;
  • Register with the foreign exchange trading platform provider;
  • Register as a Partner with the trading platform provider;
  • Copy your trading platform referral link in to your HGFX member back office as instructed within the back office;
  • Advertise or share the free HGFX portal with anyone and everyone;
  • You will be paid by the FX trading platform a percentage of every trade that all of your referrals make.

The money you make with this method is based on the trading activity of your referrals and not how much they deposit. Depending on the trading platform it can be on 1 or 2 levels below you and this additional income can add up to be quite significant. Just imagine if one of your referrals goes on to compound their trading profits all the way up to multi millionaire status how much you could earn along the way…

What I Like About HGFX

There is a lot to like about HGFX in my opinion:

  • The transparency – with regular webinars and updates being forthcoming, even on a bad trading day the platform admin will be open, honest and upfront about exactly what has and is happening.
  • The wealth of informative content within the member portal not only ensure I know what is going on but has also taught me quite a bit about the foreign exchange markets that I didn’t know previously.
  • The potential high rates of return from trading.
  • The potential high rate of income from marketing the platform.
  • The plans, systems, rules and measures in place to ensure any trading loss is minimal and that overall a high level of growth is achieved even in a volatile market environment.
  • So much more, in fact, this is one of my favourite platforms for 2019.

What I Don’t Like About HGFX

There isn’t much that I don’t like about HGFX but hey, nothing is perfect otherwise we would all simply click a button and be a millionaire by morning.

Here is what I am not the biggest fan of:

  • Reliance on third party trading platform providers – this is slightly annoying but obviously I have the chance to review the trader and make up my own mind before taking any risk so it’s not all that bad.
  • The set up process, particularly with the trading platforms is a bit over the top however this is for good reason and actually inspires a bit of trust too that the trading platforms are abiding by all relevant regulations.
  • Risk – Yes, I could lose all my money! So I only risk what I am prepared to lose on my personal multi millionaire journey.

In Conclusion

Now obviously I am a member of HGFX and I also promote the affiliate side of things for additional income so you would be correct that I have a vested interest in this platform succeeding.

I have however done my best to ensure that this review is subjective and transparent.

Personally I have very high hopes for HGFX and will be using it as a means to trade the foreign exchange markets with little experience of my own and compound my investment and withdraw a percentage on my journey to multi millionaire status.

Do your own research, make sure it is a right fit for you and your levels of risk tolerance.

Payment Proofs

I don’t have any yet!


I started with $270 dollars and plan to compound my earnings until I have 10k within my trading account at which point I will withdraw a percentage and compound (reinvest) a percentage of my profits from that point forward.

If you have withdrawn money from this platform please tell us in the comments below.

Nate Scifleet


  1. I’m glad I came across your post. I am at the present trying HyperGrowth FX and was wondering if it was really legit. Thank you for opening my eyes a little more. My friend sent me his portal to join and I’m glad I did.
    Thanks again,

    • Hi Peggy,

      Thanks for the comment. Yes HGFX is legitimate and run by a really honest admin. I have had so much trouble with many ‘passive’ options out there that this was a breath of fresh air. Good luck with your trading.


  2. It all seems wonderful with tropical islands and nice parties, but it lacks any performance figures on the rate of growth and not a clue as to how this might be achieved.

    • Hi Andy,

      Thanks for your comment, I appreciate the feedback.
      I do note, that the website uses nice images and the owner’s video updates and training has a 30 second “mental vacation” at the start of each video that shows a bunch of pretty pictures from nice places around the world.

      I must mention though, that personally, I skip or fast forward that bit of the video, I already live in a beautiful place and my home office has similar views!

      But on the note of performance figures or data there is certainly a lot. I am not the owner of HGFX and this is simply my review of the program so I am not displaying my personal financial data. But the HGFX members area (which can be accessed for free without making any investment decisions) includes a large range of performance data both good and bad in video and documented format. One of the reasons I actually trust this platform is the fact they do not hide from a bad trading day, every trader as them and yes they have lost plenty of trades but they make that public, they discuss that and actually use it to improve rather than hiding it just to get sales.

      Thanks again

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