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Wow! This review is going to be difficult to write… I’m currently having an existential battle between my exploding excitement and my natural but dark skepticism (It happens to us all after more than a decade in the online marketing space).

Stay with me and check out what I have been able to uncover about Onpassive and why I have decided to let my excitement and optimism win the battle over my natural skepticism with this rare opportunity.

This overview will be a little bit longer than most as I hope to be as informative as possible. There are many online marketers, big dogs, big fish, 6 and 7 figure earners who truly believe that OnPassive will be the platform that replaces all others and leads to truly passive retirement level income month after month, year after year. Let’s take a look at why…

So what is OnPassive?

Well, currently OnPassive is a dream, a goal, a plan!

You see, early in 2018, an extremely successful marketer named Ash Mufareh who from what I have found online and heard through various contacts has made a 6 figure income or more through a number of affiliate programs over the years, had had enough! So Ash dreamed of a plan, set some goals and started a pre- launch for his very own platform that would change the internet marketing world forever. Or so he hoped…

I joined very soon after Ash started his pre- launch way back in July 2018 for a founders fee of $97 USD but I have not promoted the pre- launch until now due to that natural skepticism I mentioned earlier.

Since then I have attended a whole bunch of webinars and listened to a number of recorded webinars presented by Ash as the pre- launch progressed toward the full launch of OnPassive.

Ash has managed to keep most of his cards close to his chest during this pre- launch which I have to admit is a feat in itself considering he has managed to build up a group of 12k founders during the pre- launch all paying the $97 USD founders fee.

When I say that he has kept most of his cards close to his chest I mean that it isn’t obviously clear how the OnPassive system will work or what products and services will be offered. But through the webinars there has been a level of information provided that gives a reasonable indication of what to expect once OnPassive launches.

The Products and Services:

Please do not take this list to be a comprehensive list of products and services that will be provided upon launch of the OnPassive platform, this list is those products and services that I am aware of:

  • Marketing system for any business – full platform that I can only assume includes page builders, auto- responder, CRM platform etc etc;
  • Some form of hosting;
  • Guaranteed ongoing traffic to your website;
  • Artificial Intelligence platform (don’t ask me what this entails!);
  • Traffic and lead generation;
  • Plus Ash promises there will be much much more and that the products have never been seen before and will change our lives – I certainly hope so.

The Compensation Plan:

The exact compensation plan has not been made public at the time of writing however it has been stated that it will be a company forced 3×10 matrix with 4 levels ranging from $25 USD up to $500 USD. Ash has also made claims that he has mechanisms either in place or being built that will solve a key problem to any company using a matrix structure, attrition and matrix implosion.

How It Works

Currently OnPasssive is in Pre- Launch and the way to join is to register as a founder via the GoFounders website here.

You can register for free and check out the back office with all of the past webinar recordings and much more but to become a founder prior to the launch of OnPassive it will cost you $97 USD as a one time payment.

Once the actual program, OnPassive launches you will need to upgrade (even if you are already a founder) in to the main program for anywhere between $25 USD and $500 USD.

What I Like About OnPassive

  • Ash! That’s right, the CEO / Founder is the company’s key asset at this stage and so far I like what I see. I don’t know the guy but he is quite inspirational on his webinars (even though he does like to talk a bit much at times) and I have been advised anecdotally by numerous long time marketing professionals that Ash has been hugely successful in previous marketing endeavors as an affiliate.
  • They already have physical offices located in a number of countries around the world with real staff from IT to Support and more.
  • Now is an opportunity to be in on the ground floor. If the hype proves true, OnPassive could be as big as GDI on steroids – imagine having joined GDI 15 years ago and sticking with it, where would you be today?
  • The Company Forced Matrix – I have never seen a matrix truly succeed but reportedly there will be mechanisms in place to ensure this one does and if a comp plan is coming in the form of a matrix, a company forced gives the best chance of success to the little guy.
  • The Products and Services – while not fully detailed as yet, the teaser that has been provided is certainly exciting.
  • The dedication to members has been evident over the last 8 months during pre- launch and the length of time this pre- launch is taking is actually a positive in my book – they want to get it right instead of launch and run!

What I Don’t Like About OnPassive

  • Price – founders positions are expensive at $97 USD and the higher levels of the program once launched are expensive also – As long as the products and services live up to the price then I am ok with this.
  • Matrix structure – Ash promises to have revolutionized the pay plan – I will believe it when I see it and I hope Ash has done it!

In Conclusion

This review is a little different to most I have written as generally I will personally try a product or service before posting a review online. As OnPassive is in a pre- launch phase there has been nothing for me to personally try or test out.

I have however been able to “try” Ash and the team, watch, listen and google and I have a certain level of trust and respect building.

There are many people that believe OnPassive WILL be revolutionary and WILL make millionaires in 2019…. Will I be one of them?

If millionaires ARE made by OnPassive, yes I intend to be one of them.

To join as a founder you MUST be personally invited, consider this your personal invitation from the Leveraged Prosperity Team: GoFounders / OnPassive.

Payment Proofs

Evidence of actual payment from this platform in to my red hot little hands will be posted here for all to see and will be added every time I withdraw successfully.

If you successfully receive a payout from OnPassive I encourage you to share your payment proof in the comment section below or simply comment and tell us all how much you have been paid by this platform.

As OnPassive is in a pre- launch phase there will be no payment proofs until the platform has launched.

Nate Scifleet

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