The Conversion Pros Review

The Conversion Pros state that running a business should be simple and that is the reason they have developed a platform with everything you could need to run a business all in the one place.

From intuitive capture pages and landing pages to a built in auto repsonder, proven sales funnels, SMS broadcasters, a wordpress blog and more.

But does The Conversion Pros actually deliver quality products and services to their customers? Will The Conversion Pros be a good fit for your business? Read my full review below to find out everything you need to know about The Conversion Pros.

Product Overview

Product Name: The Conversion Pros

Website: www.theconversionpros.com

Owner: David Dubbs

Membership pricing: 14 Day Free Trial and then $50 per month ongoing

Overall Ranking: 9.5 / 10

What Is The Conversion Pros?

The Conversion Pros which is often referred to as TCP is a digital online platform that provides a large range of software and tools for internet marketers all in the one place.

The Conversion Pros platform is designed as a membership site where a customer is able to log in to their back office and access not only all of the marketing tools provided but also training on absolutely every aspect of every tool as well as the ability to purchase marketing leads and prospects for any business.

Here is everything that you get access to when you purchase a monthly membership with The Conversion Pros:

There are certainly a lot of useful tools offered with The Conversion Pros monthly membership but are they any good and how can they be used to help your business?

How Can The Conversion Pros Help Me?

The Conversion Pros has a lot of tools and they offer an extensive amount of training on each and every tool within your member back office which is really great but all of this is only as good as your imagination and how you leverage the platform and the tools to build your business. Here I will discuss a handful of the tools provided by The Conversion Pros and discuss potential uses for these tools.

Capture / Landing Page Builder:

The page builder tool provided by The Conversion Pros is extremely versatile and easy to use. It will allow you to create everything from a simple landing or sales page to a lead capture page or even an entire funnel for absolutely any business, product or offering that you may be promoting.

You can add videos, images, text, backgrounds, lead capture forms, sign up buttons and more with simple point and click functionality.

Check out just a couple of the capture pages I created in less than 5 minutes each for one of my marketing teams:

  1. https://natescifleet.theconversionpros.com/sl/Prosperity1/
  2. https://natescifleet.theconversionpros.com/sl/Prosperity2/
  3. https://natescifleet.theconversionpros.com/sl/ProsperityVideo1

Contact Relationship Manager App:

Getting leads is great! But having the right information on those leads that can inform your decision making throughout the business relationship with that lead is absolute gold in the world of internet marketing.

Not only does The Conversion Pros Contact Relationship Manager App provide you with real time lead information but it also helps to manage multiple lists quickly and easily, even sending you lead notifications to your phone so you can take action wherever you happen to be at the time your lead is interested and ready to buy.

Email Auto-Responder:

The email Auto-Responder provided by The Conversion Pros is reliable, professional looking and most of all it is functional and easy to use.

An Auto-Responder, which is simply a tool that allows you to send a series of automatic emails to your leads and prospects as well as broadcasting emails whenever you choose, is the number 1 essential tool for any online business. Whether you set up an email series to build a relationship and sell your products or services, have a weekly or monthly newsletter via your blog or even set up multiple full sales funnels you will not be disappointed with the versatile and functional Auto-Responder provided by The Conversion Pros.

Text Messaging (SMS):

I haven’t personally used the text messaging (SMS) function at The Conversion Pros yet so I can’t go in to too much detail but from what I can tell this is simply a version of an Auto-Responder that will contact your leads via automated text messages instead of emails.

Blog Creator:

The Conversion Pros is not a blogging platform and if you are looking to start a blog there are plenty of other, more targeted options. In fact, this Leveraged Prosperity blog was created with The Wealthy Affiliate blogging and training platform and I actually had no need for a blog when I purchased a membership at The Conversion Pros.

Having said that, being offered a fully hosted blog from The Conversion Pros as part of their internet marketing tool suite can be quite useful if put to use in the right way.

You can use this blog for anything you choose of course, however it should be noted that the blog is hosted for you on a sub- domain of The Conversion Pros website meaning it will be quite difficult to properly brand this blog.

Personally, I have decided to make the most of my bit of web real estate by setting up my TCP blog to teach people how to copy my campaigns. This means that I can easily teach people how to duplicate any projects that I create within The Conversion Pros and helps me to build large marketing teams and down lines that don’t quit because they are able to copy exactly what I have and exactly what I am doing.

You can check out my TCP blog here: https://blog.theconversionpros.com/natescifleet/

Invoice Creator:

The Conversion Pros invoice creator is another tool that I have not yet personally used. Currently my business has a strong focus on building marketing teams and generating income through affiliate sales of other companies products and services.

Where The Conversion Pros invoice creator could come in extremely valuable is if you were to create your own digital product such as an eBook, you could leverage off of this tool to generate professional invoices for your customers.

Tiny URL Creator:

The name ‘Tiny URL Creator’ is actually oversimplifying the utility of this marketing tool.

The Conversion Pros Tiny URL Creator will allow you to:

  • Shrink a long URL – this makes any URL short and easy to read;
  • Mask any URL – this allows you to mask or hide the link you have shrunk as anyone clicking or navigating to your link will see the shortened link instead of, for example a long and ugly affiliate link;
  • Track clicks on your shortened URL – this literally replaces tracking software that is often a stand alone tool costing marketers extra money each month to track their hits and conversions to their links.

The tracking capability with the tiny URL creator is reason in itself to shorten your links using The Conversion Pros.

URL Rotator:

The URL rotator provided by The Conversion Pros is another essential tool for all internet marketers. There are many ways a URL rotator can be used effectively in internet marketing campaigns and there are two that I use all the time:

  1. To rotate different ads – I can promote multiple links using the one single link. As an example, I can add my URL rotator link in to a free traffic exchange and each time my link is clicked the visitor will be taken to a different one of my ad pages.
  2. Team Building – In my online business I run a team build and the URL rotator is the perfect tool that I have set up to rotate the sign up page of my team members to new prospects. This effectively allows me to help my team build their own teams.

You may not have an immediate need for a URL rotator but I can assure you that as your internet marketing business grows you will put this handy little tool to great use.

QR Code Creator:

The QR Code Creator provided by The Conversion Pros is another that I have never used or really looked in to. Personally, my business doesn’t have a need for this tool but I am sure it could be incorporated in to some pretty nifty marketing campaigns with the right creative person setting it up.

Marketing Videos:

On top of all the tools that you get access to with The Conversion Pros, you also get access to a whole range of marketing materials that you can use. From marketing videos, to ad page templates and more.

These marketing videos can be used to promote absolutely anything. You can access generic videos, videos targeted to sell The Conversion Pros as well as a whole range of videos to help you market a variety of external affiliate programs.

Can I Make Money With The Conversion Pros?

Yes, The Conversion Pros has an affiliate program that pays you weekly. You will be paid a 50% commission on every sale you make.

Putting this in to perspective, you could actually make enough money online to quit your offline day job simply by selling the tool suite that you already use to promote and build your primary business.

Is The Conversion Pros Worth The Money?

In my opinion, The Conversion Pros is worth every cent. This platform is a true all in one tool box with all of the online marketing tools that you will ever need to build and grow any successful online business.

You may have already noticed that this review is quite glowing and paints The Conversion Pros in a positive light. Yes, I am an affiliate of The Conversion Pros and I am unashamed to paint this rosy picture of this product suite simply because it offers a premium product for a reasonable price. Everything works and it all works very well.

Get your 14 day free trial and copy everything I do with The Conversion Pros.

Nate Scifleet

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